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Fifty Three
Partenaire Officiel de Basso

Qualité du perfectionnisme et artisanale exellente. Ce sont les philosophies que Alcide Basso a suivi depuis 1977. Les principes qui définissent la marque restent inchangés: une excellente maîtrise artisanale, un design innovant, une fonctionnalité et des matériaux de la plus haute qualité fabriqué en Italie .


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The tight wheelbase and snappy steering geometry immediately put you in mind of a thoroughbred racer, but the subtle compliance in the chassis (especially in the fork) adds a layer that subdues road noise without making you feel isolated. The understated Venta lets the ride do the talking.

Basso Venta Ultegra | Warren Rossiter | Cycling Plus 


When you get aboard you realise you are riding something near the pinnacle of what is achievable when creating a road bike. It's not perfect, but it ain't far off. A beautiful looking machine backed up by top-end performance and handling.

Basso Diamante SV Super Record EPS | Stu Kerton |


Near-perfect - The Basso Diamante is an elite frameset designed for high-performance use. The stout chassis offers a near-perfect blend of outstanding responsiveness and incredibly stable handling that is also very efficient and can be ridden all day in comfort.

Basso Diamante Super Record | Cycling Tips | Matt Wikstrom